Past Events

Join us for Christmas at the Museum and Photos with Santa!!! On November 25th, Santa will be at the museum from 10AM-4PM. There will also be plenty of other chances to meet Santa (Dec 2nd, 9th, and 16th 10AM-4PM). The museum will be fully decked out in holiday decorations with refreshments and fun activities for the whole family. 

Photo Pricing-

4x6 $12 each

Digital $10 ($5 with 4x6)

Be sure to ask about our "Friends of Museum" discounted pricing at the museum.




Texas Hold 'Em Fundraiser 11/04/17

Join us at the Gresham History Museum for a friendly game of poker! All proceeds will benefit your local Historical Society! The event begins at 5:30 PM. There is limited parking behind the museum off of 4th street. Buy-in is $40 and includes a chicken dinner, drinks, and snacks. There will also be a raffle for several wonderful prizes. Tickets can be purchased at the museum during open hours.

Gresham Farmers' Market

Last year, the Gresham Historical Society ran a booth at the Gresham Farmers' Market on 3rd and Miller.  We enjoyed it so much that we're going to do it again this year.  Find us there every other Saturday with a small themed traveling display and a selection of free goodies!

Look for us on the following dates:  5/6, 6/3, 6/17, 7/1, 7/15, 7/29.


It's Tour Season!

Click on this link to find out more about guided tours of Historic Downtown Gresham and the Pioneer Cemeteries:  Tours

Frozen In Time: Historic Photographs in the GHS Collection

Join us on Saturday, April 15th, at 2:00 p.m. for the next installment in the Gresham Historical Society lecture series!

     At our next free lecture, collections manager Silvie Andrews will talk about some of the most interesting photos in the Gresham Historical Society's collection.

     Photography has held a special and evolving place in society ever since its invention. From a medium of portraiture available only for special occasions to a ubiquitous method of documenting daily life, photography became instrumental in how people chose to present themselves and the world around them. Today, we can unpack layers of meaning from a single photograph, making photos some of the most valuable documents available to historians.

     This lecture will cover a cross-section of photos in our collection, starting in the 1860s and finishing in the present-day. You'll learn how we date photos using context clues; discover additional details about photos with no provenance; and decide which photos contribute to our mission to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Gresham and the surrounding communities. We will also discuss the Society's long-term goals for our photo collection.

     As always, parking is available in our lot off of 4th St. Our building is wheelchair accessible by a ramp leading up to the side door from our parking lot. Arrive early to view our exhibits!

Recreation and Leisure in Gresham's History 3/4/17

Join us on Saturday, 3/4/17 2-3PM for our first lecture in our 2017 series. Our collections manager, Silvie Andrews will be presenting on the topic of Recreation and Leisure in Gresham. This lecture is a companion to our newest exhibit of the same name. Come and find out more about the several items from our collection used in the exhibit and the research behind this topic. There will be light refreshments and admission is free!

Christmas at the Museum and Photos with Santa

     This year, we will continue our program of affordable Santa photos in an old-fashioned, festive setting. You’ll also find cookies and cider, a craft table, and a gift shop stocked with ornaments, cards, and a variety of unique gift ideas and stocking stuffers.

   This event takes place over four weekends, beginning on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and continuing until the third weekend of December.

A Look at Special Collections: The "Stan" Heiney Collection 11/18/16

Don't miss your chance to see some wonderful collection items at our next history lecture night. We will be looking at items from the Joseph "Stan" Heiney donation; specifically a tobacco pipe collection used by the family that spans the late-19th century up until the 1970's and a box of ticket stubs from some of the Pacific Northwest's earliest theatres, circuses, and rodeos. We not only will talk about daily life in Gresham at the turn of the century, but also identifying these items' provenance and the care involved in preserving them. The presentation is from 7-8PM Friday, 11/18/16 and Admission is free!

Texas Hold 'Em Fundraiser 11/12/16

Join us at the Gresham History Museum for a friendly game of poker! All proceeds will benefit your local Historical Society! The event begins at 5:30 PM. There is limited parking behind the museum off of 4th street. Buy-in is $35 and includes a chicken dinner and beverages; purchase tickets below or visit the museum during open hours. 

Genealogy Help Hour October-Novemeber

Are you starting a family tree but don't know where to begin? Having a particular researching issue with an ancestor? Just want to talk genealogy shop? Come on down to the museum every other Friday 7-8 p.m. (see below for a full list of dates).  Admission is Free!




Gone Home:  An Introduction to Gresham's Pioneer Cemeteries

No place can match the mysterious allure of an old cemetery. Gresham's oldest, prosaically named the Gresham Pioneer Cemetery, dates back to the 1860's and is the final resting place of homesteaders and drifters; centenarians and infants; the wealthy and the destitute. This free lecture will introduce the Gresham Historical Society's revised self-guided cemetery tour, which you will be able to take home in brochure form, and will arm you with a litany of interesting factoids and insights to share with your friends and family. You will learn about burial traditions from the cemetery's earliest days, plus the stories behind some of the names immortalized in granite on the cemetery's slopes.

Parking is available in the lot behind the museum, accessed via 4th Street. Admission is Free!

A History of Gresham's Lumber Mills 10/21/16

Join us for a look into Gresham's past lumber mills and its earliest logging industry. 7-8PM at the museum. Admission is Free!

Fair Weather:  Origins of the Multnomah County Fair

The Multnomah County Fair was one of Gresham's most honored traditions right up until it left in 1969. It drew tourists in from all over the state and worked in tandem with the new train system to attract new residents and business owners. This free lecture will cover the first few years of the fair from 1907 into the Prohibition era. We will discuss Gresham's roots in agriculture as well as some of the traditions leading up to the fair. The lecture will be from 7-8PM at the Museum. There will be plenty of time for Q&A after the presentation and admission is free!

The Civil War and Gresham: Veterans, Immigration, and Research 9/23/16

In this installment of the Gresham history presentations, Matt Holland will give an overview of some of Gresham's Civil War veterans and also explore the cause and effects that the war had on Gresham's early civilian immigrants. As a bonus, the presentation will specifically show the resources that the Gresham Historical Society has for researching veterans and how YOU can use them for your own investigations. Admission is free!

Police and Fire Exhibit Preview 9/08/16

The Gresham Historical Society opens its Fall exhibit that honors the Police and Fire Departments of Gresham. Open to historical society members 5pm with general admission starting at 6pm.

Twelve-Mile House Historical Lecture 9/9/16

Whether considered famous or infamous, the Twelve-Mile House played an interesting role in Gresham's history. The house was purchased by Portland's "bicycle king," Fred T. Merrill for the purpose of servicing the many recent automobile owners in their joy-rides to the country side. Now is your chance to learn about the prohibition in Gresham as well as it's burgeoning automobile culture through this road house's amazing history. This historical lecture by Silvie Andrews is free and will be held Friday 9/9/16 7-8PM.

Hearth and History 8/20/16

The Gresham Historical Society presents "Hearth and History," a lecture given by our museum coordinator, Matt Holland, outlining the several past blacksmiths in the Gresham area and their history as it fits into a broader Oregon and American blacksmithing context. This presentation will take place on Saturday, 8/20/16 from 2PM-3PM.
Admission is free!

7/30/16 History Under Fire

The Gresham Historical Society presents History Under Fire, a presentation on the role fire has played in shaping the Gresham we know today. This lecture will focus on two historic fires from the early 1900s with some words on the research process. This presentation will take place on Saturday, 7/30/16 from 2PM-3PM.

This free event will kick off a lecture series during which museum staff members Matt Holland and Silvie Andrews will cover a new topic every two weeks. Get to know your town like you never have before!