2015 Exhibits

Historic Conveniences: An Evolution of Everyday Gadgets

An exhibit featuring a series of artifacts whose humble beginnings may be unrecognizable by today's younger generations. These items all perform a function still in use today, but their technologies or designs have evolved, making today's versions appear vastly different than those on display.


Gresham's Timeline:

A walk through Gresham's history from logging camp to Oregon's 4th largest city.


Communication in Gresham:

A look at the early communication options in Gresham, including the start of the postal service, the origins of the Gresham Outlook newspaper, and Gresham's telephone service.


Gresham's Servicemen:

A tribute to the many men and women of Gresham who have served our country.



An exploration of quilting throughout Gresham's history. Among the twenty-four quilts on display are quilts sewn by four generations of one family, many different ages and styles of quilts, and a sampling of the materials used in quilting.


What Am I?:

A display of obscure artifacts that have yet to be positively identified. Check out the artifacts, write down and submit your guesses, and then compare your guesses with ours. We appreciate any information visitors can provide on these objects.


Each year we curate one principal exhibit in the main room at the Gresham History Museum. We also create smaller rotating auxiliary exhibits and feature permanent historical elements of the museum.