Photo Collection

The Photograph Collection consists of tintypes, negatives, and photographs depicting life in the Gresham area.  In addition we also have a collection of stereo slides and postcards donated by Gresham residents. Our collection has original photographs of pioneer families, early images of downtown Gresham, agriculture and farming photos, pictures from the Multnomah County Fair, and images of daily life around town.


Digital copies and reproductions of historic photographs are available for purchase.  To browse our entire photo collection and order reproductions, please stop by the museum during our open hours.  If you are not able to visit but know which photos you want to order, please contact us.


Photo Reproduction Price List:

     Digital (300dpi) - $10.00

     5X7 - $10.00

     8X10 - $20.00

     11X17 - $30.00

     13x19 - $40.00

All other orders will be considered custom.

*Please note that not all images are the same shape of proportion as the standard print sizes. Unless otherwise requested, images will be printed in full, matching the longest dimension of the paper.


Additional fees will be applied if you intend to display the photos in a business or other public setting.  These depend on the size at which you are going to display the photo; whether it will be physical or on your website; and whether your business is for-profit or not-for-profit.  A technology fee is applied if the size you request makes it necessary for us to re-scan the photograph at a higher resolution.


All reproductions are protected by copyright, and are subject to certain rights and restrictions. For more information please contact the museum.


Do you have photos that capture a bygone Gresham?  We eagerly accept donations of old photographs.  We are especially interested in photos with specific information attached to them.  Where was it taken?  Who is in it?  What are they doing?


We understand that photos are often the most treasured relics of a family and that not everyone is willing to donate their old photos.  We are happy to work with you if that is the case.  If you bring your photos to the Gresham History Museum, we will scan them, keep the digital copies, and let you keep the originals.  We'll even give you digital copies of all of your photos on a CD.  To find out if your photos are eligible, please contact us or stop by the museum.


*The above photos are a sample of some of the photos within the museum photo collection. Please visit the museum to view the entire collection.